polygreen foam  

Poly-Green Foam LLC, based in Lamar Missouri, is an environmentally focused company that recycles post-industrial, cross-linked and closed cell polyethylene foam waste into useable cost effective foam products. These products can be used in literally 100's of applications from drainage systems to general construction applications to animal husbandry. The company is committed to waste reduction, cleaner environment, and making products that enhance our lives.


Its permeable nature makes it ideal for multiple applications, from roof top gardening to drainage in various construction applications. These include playground surfacing, basement construction, animal husbandry, portable walk ways in mud prone areas and many more. Poly-Green Foam retains qualities in extreme temperature conditions.


Its shock absorbing durable nature makes it ideal for multiple applications, from recreation fields, equestrian stables, fatigue releif on assembly lines, to packaging material.


Its sound absorption qualities make it ideal for multiple applications, from sound barriers along highways to home theater rooms. Perfect for industrial applications.

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